Kick-off day for After The Whistle

Kick-off day for After The Whistle



We started After the Whistle with a handful of employees because we saw the inefficiencies of large agencies. We know how the business works. You don’t need a bloated account staff nor should your money fund a payroll that isn’t directly servicing the account. We will cherry-pick the best and brightest for you that are most suited to your needs. You get more creativity at a more cost-effective rate as a result.

Jackie is the visionary marketing and branding creator with a track record of strong logistical management, driving engagement and revenue growth. Certified brainstorming facilitator, lover of craft beer and outdoor sports.

No one exemplifies the ATW principles of career growth, expansion, and extension more than media impresario Jimmy de Castro. His passion and energy are contagious so come caffeinated when you meet him.

Creative Director and jack-of-all-trades, Shanae’ Paulus loves to educate clients on the value of good creative and develop storytelling that pushes the mantra, “Good design is good business.” (Thank you Thomas J. Watson!)

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